How to care for your Dr Zigs Natural Products!

How to care for your Dr Zigs Natural Products!

How to care for your Dr Zigs Natural Products!

We LOVE our new natural Bubble Toys!!! Like everything that is natural, it all benefits from a little care - and here's a gorgeous little guide for how to take care of your lovely Dr Zigs Bubble toys.

🥥Coconut Bucket - It’s best not to leave mix in there overnight as it could seep out through the pores of the coconut. Any left over mix can be transferred into a tupaware or other container. - Rinse it with water and leave to dry. - Every so often treat your Coconut Bubble Bucket to a little LOVE by rubbing the outside (not the inside) with a little coconut oil! This can prevent any drying and/or natural cracks that may occur, and it will love you for it!

Wands - leave these out of the mix and dry indoors. No need to rinse, but do if there's any grass/mud/and other signs of good living

Ropes - rinse quickly with water and then leave out to drip dry.

Bamboo Foamer and Straw - rinse with water and leave to dry indoors. Don’t leave them in the mix or in water. And these too may love a little Coconut oil/butter love once in a while. See told you it was easy! 

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