Cézanne, Kandinsky and Dr Zigs at L'Atelier des Lumières

Cézanne, Kandinsky and Dr Zigs at L'Atelier des Lumières


Last week, when Ziggy and I were in Paris for the Guinness World Records, we also took some time to go and explore, and one of our total highlights was the incredible Cezane and Kandinsky show at L’Atelier des Lumières.  

It is set in a large warehouse space.  Bare industrial walls and pillars, the canvas, adding to the floating shapes and projections as the light and images climb, swim and float across the walls.  

Around the space people walk.  Some fast, some stroll.  Kids dance, others sit back, perched against walls, on industrial wooden cable reels.  And like the space around them, they too become the canvas for the floating images. 

The soundscape is beautiful, fitting, in turns soothing and moving, soaring.  The space is glorious. 

I think we could have stayed there for many hours had we not had a time constraint - as it was we sat through two shows.  It was mesmerising, dreamy.  We loved it. 

And YES, despite patrolling security guards who tried to curb the kids dancing, I did get the Bubbles out.  See if you can spot them in this video.  The light, the sound I felt to be one of the most beautiful spaces, and totally made for Bubbles.  I’m sure Kandinsky especially would have approved.  

I would love to return with fewer people and totally fill the space with Bubbles so that the projections, the artwork, the paint strokes, the oil on canvas, could also reflect, shimmer and be suspended on my floating spheres. 

Now THAT would add a whole new dimension to the art.  


Ps.  When I’m travelling I use our Pocket Kit Bucket and the 25cm Giant Wands, these live in my rucksack with a little bottle of C10 100ml flatpack and I’ve always got water with us or I dilute the mix in the nearest toilets :)  I love having Bubbles on me when travelling!  They’re perfect for cheering up tired children, for taking pictures, for making friends.  The little bucket lid is fully resealable, and I’ve been using my bucket for nearly a year now.  Lots of reuse and reuse and reuse - and LOTS of Bubbles too. 


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