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Dr Zigs is continuing to develop new products and work towards a more sustainable future as they prepare and organize new ecologically minded initiatives. With the help of MRPeasy, Dr Zigs is striving to make the world a better place one Bubble at a time.





As a result of working with the ASTUTE Program, Dr Zigs has the confidence in our own research and development capabilities, and gained the necessary knowledge and experience, to confidently move into a large-scale production phase.





I am absolutely thrilled to be featured on BBC News today talking about how interest rates affect a business like Dr Zigs. I wish and hope that these crises that we're up against really bring about some radical change. Imagine if we REALLY tackled energy company profiteering - imagine the ripple effect on our emissions.


Paola Dyboski-Bryant 



This exposure for a small business is just priceless. Every journalist I’ve spoken to is beyond kind and professional. Every entrepreneur is utterly supportive. When we feature in the press we see a spike in sales and we reach new people, customers, and stockists. I'm so grateful for all the journalists and coverage.

Paola Dyboski-Bryant, founder of Dr Zigs



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