Dr Zigs eco giant Bubble Kits new flat packed boxes

We were really thrilled to be invited to speak on the Factory Now podcast about Dr Zigs and our Bubbles and unique take on business and manufacturing. 

It’s always wonderful to have the opportunity to chat about our work and share ideas.  This particular podcast we shared the platform with Sara Duff from MRPEasy, a fab software that is nearly an extension of our team - basically holds all our stock and routing and connects to our accounting and shipping platforms.  It’s pretty cool and we’d be quite lost without it - so it was great to connect with Sara! 

Packing our Dr Zigs Travel Kits ready for shipping

I also got to ask her if MRPeasy could expand to include a facility whereby we could add a carbon cost to each of our components and entries on the system.  This could be an incredibly useful tool - not just for us, but for manufacturing as a whole as we all aim (or we all should be aiming!), for net zero. 

And of course we talked a lot about our Eco Bubbles, about being a part of Made in Britain, and about our Guinness World Records achievements.  

Thanks so much for having me MTDMFG and Christopher Greenough

You can listen to the episode here: 


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