Sensory Kit- do you want to know what our customers think? No wonder it's award winning!

These are just few of the beautiful comments that we receive everyday, about how our bubbles change lives and bring smiles and magic to everyone, so we thought of  sharing these with you.

We do love your feedback and it's the energy that keep us motivated to make the best giant and Extraordinary Bubbles in the whole world !

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I would share the giant bubble maker with my son Lawrence. He is 23, but has severe and complex learning difficulties as well as being severely autistic, he loves bubbles and this would be a wonderful sensory experience for him. We saw a street entertainer making giant bubbles one day when we were out and Lawrence was fascinated by them we stood and watched the show for ages, think how excited he would be if we could make giant bubbles for ourselves.


I would share my bubbles with my little nephews one is autistic and the youngest has a rare brain condition and cerebral palsy he can’t speak or move his lower body but he just has the most joyful beautiful smile the makes everyone fall in love both boys love each other with a passion they would love to play with the bubbles together also there is a wonderful charity called chestnut tree house in west Sussex that he goes too for disabled children its also a hospice they work really hard on sensory toys games for all the children.


 I'd share this with my 93 year old Mum. She's frail and housebound and doesn't have much fun in her life but she LOVES bubbles and friends often take her a tub of bubble mixture. In fact she loves bubbles so much she's asked me to make sure that there will be some at her funeral when she dies!


Have liked and shared your post if I was luck enough to be chosen I would be spending time with my son as I can only spend time with him two days a week during the summer holidays as we are self employed at our pub. And on the days we work he is such a good boy playing with his toys while we work. That is who I’d play bubbles with. Thanks for the opportunity.
Regards Darren and Jenson. 


I would really like for friends son, he doesn't talk yet he is autistic but he loves bubbles 


would be for my young nephew who would truly love this and the stimulation and joy it would bring 



I've 'liked' and shared your post on both facebook & Instagram and now I'd like to tell you who I would love to share sensory bubbles with.

I would love to share these bubbles with my friend Barbara.  I first met Barbara 4 years ago when I visited the care home that she lives in, she is in her late 80s and in a wheelchair.  I deliver music sessions to people who are living with dementia and specialise in people whose speech has become compromised but enough of the 'official stuff' this is more about her.

I call Barbara my magpie - she loves sparkly, glittery, shiny things and her clothes reflect these.  She has a wicked glint in her eye and is never slow to let me know if I've displeased her, chosen a song or piece of music she doesn't like but what she really, really likes about our time together is bubbles.  She loves to try and catch them, blow them, lick them even.  They make her giggle and her eyes light up and she will sing to herself with pleasure.  Increasingly it is not easy to identify the song or tune but she does love a traditional methodist hymn and I'm forever blowing bubbles will make her beam as does you are my sunshine.



Hi Dr Zigs team,

I would share the sensory give away with my best friend Beth. We both love bubbles, they bring us so much happiness! I decided to use bubbles for confetti on my wedding day I’m 2016. We love spreading bubble love and whenever we go to festivals we take a dr zigs bubble wand and washing up bowl to send bubble love all around the love it! I’ve just had my first baby, Seb, now 4 months so I would love using the sensory kit with him and bring him up on the magic of bubbles! Beth works at Bendrigg centre which is an outdoor activity centre for disabled people, making the outdoors accessible to all with equipment to enable water sports, climbing and even caving. They have an amazing sensory swing which gives people the feeling of flying! What more could a centre want than a bubble sensory kit, I know she would put it to the best use. The only way the outdoors are made more beautiful and fun....BUBBLES!!

Thanks very much and fingers crossed I have put a good enough argument forward!!


I would share this prize with my 2 grandson Elijah and Jess who would love this bubble treat, The y love bubbles anyway but this is fab as its makes giant bubble so would be great to win !! 


I would share with my grandson Jac. He has learning difficulties but is a wonderful boy who always has a smile for everyone and loves bubbles so much especially the Dr Zigs! 



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