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Want to win at gifting? With our quick little guide to the best bubble kits, Stocking fillers, Secret-Santa, and just straight up great presents, you’ll have Christmas sorted!

Buying more than one kit? Below you’ll find a cool voucher code, that will give you any second kit half price!


 At this time of year, Christmas around the corner choosing what to give can be a challenge. But whether it’s your father-in-law, the kids’ teacher, your boss, your grand-dad or even as a cheeky present to yourself – we’ve got a bubble kit that will bring joy and happiness and a whole load of fun.

Here’s a few of our top suggestions.

Pocket Kit (£14.99) – A great entry level kit, and perfect for simply ready to go bubbles. You get a bucket, enough mix over 1000 giant bubbles, some cool tips and instructions, and a teeny tiny wand that fits in your pocket, but that makes GIANT Bubbles! This is a great kit to keep in the boot of the car, ready to make bubbles wherever you go.

Our Jumbo Kit (£29.99) – This kit is ideal to gift as a main present – or even as a gift to sibling groups, or as a family Christmas gift – perfect for getting the whole family out and about and away from screens for outdoor adventures and fun over the holiday season.

It comes with a full THREE litres of bubble mix (in 3 handy small containers of concentrate – great for travel and shipping). It also comes with TWO wands. Our Giant Wand – great for the wow factor, blowing bubbles-in-bubbles and bubble tricks. And our Multi-Wand – great for making loads of bubbles, fabulous in windy weather, and if you get your hands wet and soapy (have a bucket of water with an added squidge of washing-up liquid to hand) and you can catch and hold the bubbles, pull them apart, and put them back together! (these are wands that have won Guinness World Records!)

Travel Kit (£12.99) – Designed to fit in any small bag, and Airport Carry-On approved, this is a fab kit to take bubbles wherever you go. It comes with a small concentrate that makes 1 LITRE (over 1000 giant bubbles) and our teeny tiny pocket wand that makes super-sized bubbles. Perfect for holidays, adventures, and to have bubbles handy ready for playtime, or cool photography.

Sensory Kit (£49.99) – This is FAB for anyone who would benefit from sensory play. So whether it’s someone on the spectrum, living with Alzheimers or Dementia, this comes with differently scented mixes, hand wands, foamers and plenty of opportunity for sensory play too.

Buying for several people? We thought about that and we’ve got a great voucher code here: XMASBUBBLES

Buy one kit, and get the second half price! If you want four or more just give us a ring and we can give you an even better discount over the phone.



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