Dr Zigs features on CBeebies Junk Rescue!

Absolutely thrilled to be featured on Cbeebies Junk Rescue
We LOVE this program!
Fun, creative, innovative AND all about being sustainable!
Watch me create a brand-new bubble toy from bits and things that were heading for the rubbish tip – and it’s a toy we absolutely LOVE.
Giant Bubble Hoop Net toy new CBeebies BBC
Our Bubble Tambourine, the new toy we invented for Junk Rescue
Junk Rescue is a great program targeted at younger children to show the fun of reusing and recycling (you can watch the full episode by clicking here).  
Using songs, traditional crafts (well, I had to turn to some of my old boat building skills for this!), child-led making, and fab presenters, Junk Rescue is all about ‘making sustainability fun’ – and showing how the things we throw away can be turned into something useful – and in our case HUGE fun too!
Danny and Zoe Junk Rescue CBeebies BBC Giant Bubbles
Danny and Zoe from Junk Rescue - the talented and fun presenters
The producers approached me through the British Toymakers Guild (of which I am a super proud member!  Find out more here)  They asked me to submit images of our workshop space, details of how we worked and teased out ideas for our ‘wooden hoop’ episode.  I was thoroughly impressed with the research and creativity of the production team. 
Bubble Net making at Dr Zigs
Bubble Net Making at Dr Zigs - part of Junk Rescue background work into our Bubbles
Slowly through phone calls and image sharing we came up with a plan, and so our awesome bubble tambourine was born!    
Filming in Dr Zigs HQ CBeebies, Junk Rescue, Manufacturing toys
Filming for Junk Rescue at Dr Zigs HQ - we had to go over some of the words lots of times!

Filming was great fun too.  The team made everything easy and it was a super interesting day.

Making bubbles with the bubble tambourine toy with Danny from Junk Rescue CBeebies

Danny and I testing the final creation! It worked so beautifully and WE LOVE IT!

Want to watch the full episode?  You can catch it on iPlayer here - or here it is in full.  If you'd rather just a little snippet, skip straigth to the last 4 minutes or so! 

This is a fab project that can be made with any wooden hoop (or ANYTHING!! old tennis racquet? Hoola hoop? Coat hanger?) wool and any embellishments! 
You will need basin to fit the creation in, and of course some of our wonderful @drzigs giant bubble mix!
We would love to launch this as a fun challenge to all of you wonderful Dr Zigs family – what toy could you make to make awesome bubbles??
Why not use this as a back to school project – and let us know how you get on – best makes will of course win BUBBLES!!
Huge thank you to the fabulous @Daniel Sebastian and all the Junk Rescue team for being simply brilliant.
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