Bubbling with Pride

At Dr Zigs we believe that our Bubbles ARE the rainbow.  They are full of colour, they are diverse, they are each unique and perfect.  They are equality, they are gender neutral, they are accessible.  They have no boundaries. They celebrate life.

Pride month is a really important time in our calendar.  Yet it is also one, like Black History Month, that we really wish we didn’t have to celebrate – because really, it should be so normal, accepted, taught, part of our everyday celebration of life, that there should be no need for it.  No need for a special mention, a special time in our annual calendar. 

However here we are.  And the fact that Pride is something that we still have to fight for, to justify, to educate, to explain is very much everyday reality.

On a very personal level it is my children that have taught me the meaning of Pride.  And as a company Dr Zigs has learned so very much from how they have inspired me over the years.  They are brilliant, intelligent, fun, compassionate and kind individuals, and they are also transgender, non-binary and pan-sexual.  And I am so proud.

As they have grown up, becoming the young adults of today, I have witnessed first hand their battles.  The taunts.  The discrimination. 

I have watched people stare at them on buses.  I have been so many hundreds of times to put complaints in at their schools because of bullying behaviour of others.  I have heard children laugh at them in playgrounds. I have seen them be singled out at university. I have witnessed their ‘queerness’ being appropriated at work.

And through it all they wear their flag.  Their rainbow, and light pink and blue lanyards.  Their subtle symbols that are like a code of solidarity to those who know.  Like a beacon of hope to those still afraid or unable to be themselves.  I have watched how despite everything they OWN who they are, and they shine oh so bright.   

And through watching them I have learned what Pride is.  And how their pride drives me to stand up proud to.  How their strength, their expression of themselves in face of a society who still legalises conversion therapy, and bans the use of toilets, inspires me and my day to day.

And I am overwhelmingly proud of Dr Zigs and who we are today.  A company that strives to be inclusive, to break down barriers, to talk about realities, difficulties and challenges and do it with a smile and just BE the rainbow of solidarity that this society needs.

This month, and every month, our Bubbles will be flying out there with huge, overwhelming PRIDE.

And if you ever want to share your stories of being, or parenting LGBTQ+ children, please do.  We would love to hear from you. 




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