6 Crafty Eid Activities!

Make Eid an Enjoyable Experience for Kids

Eid is a time of celebration for Muslims all around the world. It's a time to come together and share in food, festivities, and fun times with family and friends. Here are 6 ideas to keep kids busy and entertained during the special holiday that is Eid!

1. Blowing Bubbles


Bubbles are simply wonderful for everyone!  For young and old, even grandparents enjoy Bubbles.  Most especially for children, they are a great way to get out and play, to burn off energy, to play together bringing different ages together. 

And did you know Bubbles are even an excellent way for your baby or toddler to develop visual skills? This skill they can learn from birth! Bubbles can easily be followed as they’re slow-moving and the way they gently float about encourages (babies in particular) to target their eyesight on individual bubbles. It’s a perfect skill to nurture that’s easy on young developing brains. This will help them both while they’re tiny and later when they’re at school!


2. Moon Sighting

 The moon changes phases daily so every single evening the moon will be slightly different as it waxes or wanes.  It’s a lovely introduction to the night sky and celestial objects.  And did you know that you can make Bubbles at night? 

A great tip for taking pictures and videos of the Bubbles at night is to turn the torch on your phone, the Bubbles then glisten and dance - a fantastic way to celebrate the evening sky at Eid!   The Bubbles are also a great alternative to fireworks because they are not loud for children and pets, they are not dangerous, and are totally biodegradable!  How about that for a great evening treat for the kids! 

Learning about the different moon phases is as useful as learning the days of the week or the months of the year, especially in the Muslim culture. Why not try cutting the different phases out of some color drawings or better yet a fabulous Bubble painting? 


 Eid has always been a very special time in our family. However, over the last few years, it has become even more so with our two daughters. As the month of Ramadan comes to an end, the most exciting thing about Eid has got to be preparing the house, baking with the kids, and getting their clothes/ presents ready. This year we are all hoping to attend Eid prayers and it will be my girls’ first time at a mosque. Praying everyone feels the blessings, tranquility, and unity this time of the year 🤍🌙

-@mumma.n.bubba Mimi Patel

3. Hanging Affirmation Decorations

If you want to make your home look magical how about writing down some positive affirmations in different languages. Once they’re gorgeously decorated you can hang them up with string or ribbon! You could make them onto a garland and bring them out year after year or focus on one to read out before mealtimes as a discussion prompt and reflection!

Let your child make as many affirmations from the moon to the stars they want for their room. They’ll look great suspended over curtains or attached beneath ceiling tiles! 

The month of Ramadan brings us loads of blessings and it’s a time to reflect on ourselves and our lives. We fast from sunrise to sunset. It’s a time of remembering the less fortunate and we give to those in need. It’s a month of giving. It's a time to feel closer to Allah by giving to the needy and doing charity work and focus on our prayers. When the month ends we get to celebrate Eid. Eid is a joyous occasion for us to celebrate with family and friends and to rejoice and count our blessings. It’s a gift.

Shahbana Ateeq - @ateeqhomeed

4. Painting and Coloring Activity

Have you tried our Bubble Painting Kit yet??  It’s so much fun and fantastic for messy play and creativity!  Let your kid's imaginations run wild and give them the freedom to explore their creativity.  There are many benefits to creative play and messy play. Painting and coloring exercise your child's brain and using different parts of the body like their hands or eyes in new ways can lead them on an incredible journey into how these skills work together! Creative activities help develop our right side, the creative half responsible for visual stimulation, while also exercising it. Painting really is a multi-tasking workout for little ones’ minds! 

What’s more fun than just using paint is using bubbles to paint your child’s masterpiece. This will be an exciting activity for them because it is going to be an adventure for them to try coloring their work of art using unconventional materials. Plus things can get really messy, which is always fun! This is a great activity to take over your kitchen/bathroom floor or even do outside in the garden! 


When you hear of Ramadan the first thing that comes to mind is fasting, and while that’s such an important aspect of the month for us, anyone well enough to do so is required to abstain from food and drink from before dawn till sunset, there’s so much more to it than that! It reminds us to think of those who don’t have the basics of food and water, and to draw closer to God by bettering ourselves - so being grumpy and “hangry” when fasting is a big no-no!

Traditionally we do lots of baking in the run-up to Eid and share it with our neighbors, whether they are Muslim or not. And it wouldn’t be Eid without gifts

It’s always bittersweet for me when Ramadan ends because Eid is such a wonderful time of family and joy but the month of Ramadan has ended and you do miss the spiritual growth and closeness to God that you experience whilst fasting.

-Shamima Jogee @play_aplenty


5. Make Gift Envelopes for Eid

Eid is also about giving.  So why not use your masterpieces from the Bubble Making activities to cut up into lovely shapes and glue these to a card.  Giving handmade cards is so special and always appreciated.  You can write a special message in them, and it will make the kids feel great to know that they made something that is a gift and will be admired! You could purchase plain white envelopes or fold up larger sheets of paper and let your little ones customize to their heart’s content! Bubble painting will get this done super quick and you’ll soon have some amazing Eid cards and lovingly decorated envelopes! 

Eid for me and my family means celebration. We are Mindful after coming out of the holy month of Ramadan was full of prayer. We celebrate by starting with Eid prayer with our family. watching everyone open gifts, food cakes and plenty of deserts. Painted hands with henna, new clothes, lots of smiles and time with family. Eid is about tradition and creating new memories.

@saaiqahawa - Saaiqaa Hawa 


6. Play Bubble games

Eid is about celebrating with friends and family, and it's also an opportunity to grow closer as a community by engaging in activities and games.  The Bubbles are a great way to bring people together.  Why not play in the garden with your neighbours, or in the park.  There is something magical about the Bubbles - children will come running, passers-by will smile at you and stop to chat - they’re a great way to break the ice and make friends.  And everyone will want to know that you are celebrating Eid and be happy for you! 

Ramadan is an extremely special time for us, the month feels very different from any other month of the year. It feels full of blessings and peace and we spend the month worshipping as much as we can, especially late into the night. This year I’ve loved involving my son in Ramadan by helping him make crafts that are connected to Ramadan, he also prays with us in the evening! 

Eid is something I look forward to so much, even more, now that I have a young child because watching him celebrate with our family, opening gifts, attending the Eid prayer, etc is something so sweet to see! We spend the day celebrating with all of our family, eating, opening presents and playing quizzes!

Aleya Knight - @muslim.mama


EID is a celebration we honor and celebrate at Dr Zigs,  We have wonderful and amazing eco-friendly EID bubble kits for gifting, we pride ourselves in creating this for a very special occasion like EID making it even more memorable for our Muslim brothers and sisters.  






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