Jubilee Bubbles

The best way to celebrate the Jubilee is with Bubbles.

With Jubilee celebrations in planning up and down the country, it's time to talk about THE BEST POSSIBLE MUST-HAVE PARTY ACCESSORY - and - it's Bubbles of course!

Ten top reasons why you should celebrate the Jubilee with Bubbles:

  • Our Dr Zigs Eco Bubbles are BIODEGRADABLE in sunlight - meaning they quickly break right down to harmless compounds - how cool is that?!
  • Our Bubbles are FUN - instantly create the best party and festival atmosphere.  The party only really starts when the Bubbles come out.
  • If there's a slight breeze one dip of the Bubbles can fill the air with thousands of Bubbles everywhere.                                                                  

  • Our Dr Zigs Eco Bubbles are VEGAN
  • Our Bubbles are Made in the UK - well, North Wales to be precise!
  • Bubbles can be enjoyed by EVERYONE, whatever the age, whatever the ability. In fact, they have been used by the BBC for the Toddlers Who Took on Dementia - a program that had over 7MILLION views! The technical term was ‘promoting intergenerational interaction’ ie PLAY! Sharing smiles, laughter, helping each other, breaking down barriers with smiles and Bubbles.
  • Bubbles are made for sharing - just one Dr Zigs Eco Bubble Kit would be enough for a whole family to share - or we have Jumbo Kits and Celebration Kits for the whole street party!
  • 8. Our Dr Zigs Eco Bubbles leave NO LITTER - and need no clearing up!  Unlike balloons, they leave NO LITTER!  They will not fly away and get tangled in trees, or in our oceans killing marine species  (btw have you signed up for our #BubblesNotBallons Big Balloon Pledge? You can do so here!) 
  • 9. They create an INSTANT FESTIVAL ATMOSPHERE!  Just listen to the instant fun and laughter!  
  • 10. They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  Multi-colored and truly gorgeous.      
So why not make your Platinum Jubilee celebrations something extra special to be remembered by all, simply by adding some award-winning, Guinness World Records breaking, gorgeous, made in UK, eco-friendly, Giant BUBBLES!


As the day gets closer we'll be sharing some fun ideas for making Jubilee Bunting with our Dr Zigs Eco Bubble Painting Kit and make this event a very exciting and memorable one with our Dr Zigs Jumbo Kit, and Celebration Kit. 





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