Dr Zigs Extraordinary Bubble Mix Recipe
Always wanted to know how to make amazing Bubble solution?
Lots of people ask us about our Bubble Mix, and what makes it so exceptionally good.
Well, for a start, there are about 10 years’ worth of research in every bottle.  We work hard to make the highest quality bubble mix we can, whilst giving it a long shelf-life (we even have some of our very first bottles of bubbles that are still working after 10 years!), lowering surfactants (which are not quite so good for the environment) and increasing performance (everyone wants a bigger Bubbles, longer lasting Bubbles and the most colourful Bubbles, right?).  
So far we think we’re doing a pretty amazing job – well, we just let the Bubbles talk for themselves!
Bubble Factory, Lab, Laboratory. This is our giant bubble manufacturing space where we make all our bubble mix, solution and toys.
Dr Zigs Bubble Mix is made of 95% water, and 3% magic – ok, well, a blend of long-chain polymers, surfactants, and buffers, and maybe just a touch of Welsh Mountain Dragon Juice.
Welsh dragon on a finger tip. We tell the kids we use dragon juice in our giant bubble mix and solutions
Want to know a little Bubble Science?
Learning about Bubbles at school or have Bubble Science Homework?
Surfactants are very clever molecules – most commonly found in soaps like washing-up liquids, shampoos etc – and they work by lowering surface tension and allowing us to ‘stretch’ water.  Surfactant molecules have a polar ‘head group’ – which LOVES water (called hydrophilic) and an apolar ‘tail’, which doesn’t (called hydrophobic).
Polymers are looong chain molecules, that further add ‘stretchiness’.  By themselves, these molecules like to be all curled up, but once you put lots of them together you get a really cool entanglement effect, which as you can imagine, makes the Bubble film even stretchier. (Our picture has two colours to represent the polymer molecules because a) it looks pretty and b) we use two types of polymer in our Dr Zigs Bubble mix).
Diagram of a bubble film with surfactant and polyer molecules arranged in our Dr Zigs giant bubble mix
What is really clever is that it is this very combination that allows all these molecules to arrange themselves in a kind of ‘sandwich’ structure.  Where the surfactant molecules act like a bread between a juicy gooey polymer and water mix. 
And how thin are these Bubble films??  Well, good question – between 5 and 5000 NANOMETERS!
But more about that bit of craziness later.
There is a lot of science in our Bubbles! 
 Pretty cool eh?!
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