It's Official!! We have TWO Guinness World Records!!
Not one but TWO Dr Zigs Guinness World Records TITLES!!
The most people making Giant Bubbles using our tri-strings (giant wands), AND for the most people making Giant Bubbles using our garlands (multi-wands, it got techincal)
Diolch o galon i'r holl gymuned bendigedig yma yng Ngogledd Cymru, pwy ddoth, wnaeth swigod, a CREU'R record byd. Llwyddiant!!! Thank you from the heart to all our wonderful community here in North Wales, who came, made bubbles, and MADE the World Record. WE DID IT!!!
To the AWESOME Dr Zigs (including honorary members) team who worked so incredibly hard in the weeks and months leading up to this. Who made all the mix, the wands, the paperwork, the bubbles and just owned it. To Beata Strzyżewska, Dan Wellings, Shorifa Begum, Anna Zelmer, Tom Green, Katherine Thomas Daniel Dyboski-Bryant, Charlotte Hillier, Maggie Parke, @David Last @Jayne Lloyd
And a very especially big diolch (thank you) to Ziggy, for being so very patient whilst his mum was so busy, and most especially for inspiring some rather incredible magic.
Os gymerwch ran ar y diwrnod, rwych yn groeso i Dr Zigs i gymeryd lun gyda'r Tystysgrif Record Byd @Guinness Tagiwch a rhannu os gwelwch yn dda!!
If you took part on the day, you are so welcome to pop into Dr Zigs on the Vaynol and have your picture taken with the (very cool) Guinness World Record Certificate. And please do tag and share!
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