Our Bubble Crew

What makes Dr Zigs so extra special is our Bubble Crew, a team of exceptional bubbly people with a whole raft of different backgrounds and skills.

Including a chemist, a professor of innovation, a photographer, a science teacher, a pole fitness instructor, a belly dance teacher, a dive master, and our resident six-year-old, Ziggy, the boss. Between us we speak ten different languages. That’s a lot of ways to say “bubble”! There are 30 of us on the bubble crew, with a core crew of 7 based at Bubble HQ on the beautiful Vaynol estate. Between us we make some serious Bubble Magic happen!

We would like to credit the amazing worldwide community of big bubblers, who support, inspire and challenge us onward — namely bubble pioneers like Tom Noddy, Sterling Johnson, Keith Michael Johnson, and David Stein, to name but a few. And then there’s the newer generation of inspirational bubblers – Edward Spiegel, Tommy Poerch, Bryce Miyauchi, Dustin Skye, Sylvain Letuvee, Sam Heath, and the list goes on. Why not google them and find out a whole lot more about the world of Giant Bubbles. Thanks to their inspiration, creativity, support and advice, we get to do the work we do. May all your bubbles never pop!

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