'Amazing Bubble Man' Louis Pearl

'Amazing Bubble Man' Louis Pearl

'Amazing Bubble Man' Louis Pearl

There are many ways to buy our #ecoethicalfun giant bubble kits – you can buy them direct online from ourselves, or from some of our particularly awesome online stockists, or from some of our bricks and mortar fab independent retailers (check our website for a full list with maps of locations).

However, one place you can buy our bubble kits is particularly special. Because these are being sold at the show of the one and only ‘Amazing Bubble Man’ Louis Pearl. @bubguy

We are absolutely honoured that he is selling our kits – it is really a priceless endorsement. And we cannot recommend highly enough a visit to his show! Catch him and the super talented Jetty Swart @jet.black.pearl perform absolute wonders with Giant Bubbles. Learn some cool facts, go OOOOH at some amazing tricks, and come away with a belly full of laughter and utterly inspired to explore even more about the amazing and wonderful world of bubbles.

For the whole of August you can find him performing at the fabulous Underbelly venue at the Edinburgh Fringe, in what has been described quite simply as ‘The best show on Earth’.
Tickets and dates for his shows are available through his website here:
http://www.amazingbubbleman.com/Amazing Bubble Man Louis Pearl

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