Bubble Therapy

For years we’ve been using the Bubbles as therapy.  Creating daily moments of mindfulness.  

A way to get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, but also as a way to deal with ‘things’, whatever these may be.  From mental health crises, depression, and even physical ailments.  Bubbles can be part of healing.


We think of the Bubbles as being ‘solution focused’ as an active and PROactive therapy.  Something you can do for yourself.  And something that you can do to help others.  Moments where it becomes easy to talk as you watch the Bubbles, moments to share.  Moments to BE the moment, to breathe, to relax,to  unwind, and heal.  

With Childhood Mental Health being described as reaching epidemic levels in the UK, we’re increasingly realizing it is time to share what we’ve learned at Dr Zigs and using our Bubbles.

What is Bubble Therapy? 

Bubble Therapy is very very simple.  It is literally spending time with Bubbles.  

Watching Bubbles float, fly, and be guided by the wind is simply incredibly therapeutic.  Bubbles are somehow improbable - appearing to be both a solid and a liquid simultaneously, yet somehow defying gravity, and becoming one with the wind and the butterflies, defying gravity. 

The thickness of the Bubble film means that light interference reflects colours so vivid and luminous - from pinks and purples to luminous green and yellow.  This light dancing around is mesmerizing. 

 You can make Bubbles with any of our wands, and watch them fly - or with one of our smaller wands, or our Bamboo Straw, you can even make Bubbles indoors.  With these, you can also blow - and the deep breathing required to blow Bubbles is genuinely a meditative technique used by therapists and is great for stress relief, lowering your heart rate, and blood pressure and just generally improving your overall well-being. 


Do Bubbles actually change Brainwave?

Our Bubbles are made to be huge and to dance in the wind.  They are made with natural polymers that help them morph and twist and change shape.  They are made to create magical moments. 

It seems that watching Bubbles actually acts on your very brainwaves, changing these from Beta - your normal alert, problem-solving (and ruminating)  active state, to Alpha, which similarly to when you gaze at an open fire, creates moments that are calming, relaxing yet creative, focused and deeply meditative.   And when the Bubbles are coupled with active play - as they so irresistibly are in children, this triggers Gamma waves which are those of happiness and feeling engaged and content. 

Isn’t that amazing?  So Bubble Therapy really is something special and we really encourage you, and your loved ones to have a go.  Get playing with Bubbles, and really see if they can help and make a difference in life. 

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