Do you like our new logos?!

Do you like our new logos?

As you all know, here at Dr Zigs we pride ourselves on being as ethical and as environmentally conscious as we can.  Our motto?

Changing the World One Bubble at a Time.

As part of this we’ve designed some cute new bubbly logos that we can now use across our range and our marketing materials to share the work that we’re doing. 

Each image has a little explanation below it – these are the things that really matter to us, and it means that every time you buy one of our bubble products, you too are playing your part in making a difference.

All these ideas below are part of how we play our part in the ‘Circular Economy’ (I know! It’s bubble shaped!!) – basically, this is where: “the value of products and materials is maintained for as long as possible. Waste and resource use are minimised, and when a product reaches the end of its life, it is used again to create further value”

So, our bubble toys are designed to last as long as possible – our oldest customers have been with us 8 years now, and still come for refills to use with their original wands! – We work hard to minimise waste, both in our bubble factory, and within our product. All components of our bubble toys can be reused or recycled, or upcycled to make more toys!

It’s been great fun to make these logos, which made me think – why don’t you have a go?  There is some real great inspiration to be had surfing the net and seeing what cool things people are doing to raise awareness and save the plant. 

Why don’t you make a recycling logo for your school or work place?  As ever do share your images with us too.  Every month, the best image that gets sent in, be it of bubbles, logos, games or ideas, get’s a Dr Zigs Giant Bubble Kit as a prize!

Changing the World making giant bubbles!  Who said being green couldn’t be fun!

It would be great to know what you think our new logos!  Feel free to comment below!  


*Choose to Refuse has been inspired by the fab work of the Plastic Free Foundation, Perth, Australia.  Check out their work here:
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