A short chat about Climate Change

This morning, Ziggy started chatting to me about Dr Zigs and how cool he thinks our bubbles are, because they're not made in a big factory.  It was sweet, and quite serious.  Recently we've been talking about this a lot - like many families and kids out there.  Ziggy's also been taking part in the Youth Strike 4 Climate, and we've been to several Extiction Rebellion events.  He feels it keenly, and thinks it is hugely important that we do our best.  

Anyway, I thought I'd record our chat.  Not great quality, it was after all breakfast on the start of a glorious Bank Holiday weekend (with snow on our mountain tops even though it's now May!)

I hope you enjoy this short video, and should you have any questions, or want to ask us anything about how we make our bubbles, or what we're doing to reduce our carbon emissions, please do send us an email, or record a message.  

Or why not let us know what you're doing to save the planet?  

Wishing you all a fabulous, and very bubbly weekend.

Paola and Ziggy

ps.  Why not hop over to our Facebook page and apply to be a reviewer - we're giving away TEN FREE Bubble Kits in exchange for an honest bubble review!  (T&C apply)

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