BEST BUY Eco-friendly toys 2019 - The Independent

BEST BUY Eco-friendly toys 2019 - The Independent

BEST BUY Eco-friendly toys 2019 - The Independent


For a small manufacturing company it is always wonderful to get recognition.

Today we found ourselves listed in The Independent's - Best Buy Eco-Friendly Toys 2019 in listing. And we are overjoyed.

The buzz around Bubble HQ today is fantastic. We've read the article out loud and everyone, from production to office staff is simply happy and beaming with joy.

We work hard, we have been winning awards for our sustainable approach to business and manufacturing for many years, and our tagline #ecoethicalfun drives everything we do.

Having this work and effort recognised by such a leading publication helps us immensly to get the word out. We are featured along side some truly great toys and products too.

As a toy manufacturer, we are competing against the endless tide of 'Made in China' plastic toys that arrive on our shores every day, it is not the easiest task. But where can't compete on price - but we can compete on our carbon footprint, and with how we behave as a company.

A percentage of all our profits here at Dr Zigs support our award winning Bubbles Not Bombs work, where we send bubbles out to kids facing the most difficult situations both in the UK and around the world.

So, next time you're looking to buy a gift for a child (or adult!) and are looking for something eco, ethical and that will make a difference - why not choose our Dr Zigs giant bubble toys. And rest assured, each and every day we're working towards making toys that make people smile AND that do not cost the earth. Our motto? Changing the World One Bubble at a Time!

Full article by @Fran Yeoman here

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